Friday, December 9

Monchi, in ‘gorilla mode’

Monchi leave behind the defeat before him Little last Tuesday and cheer up the derby through social networks. For the Nervionense sports director general, as for the rest of the fans, the Betis-Sevilla It is not just another party. “After the duel, the pain of defeat and acknowledging the mistakes … We get into it and start to animate this, right? Between a I love you and a I love you, we are going back to heaven and I cannot regret this love … “, San fernando including the lyrics of a song and closing the message with the hashtag #modoengorilamiento. The publication is accompanied by a photograph of the stands of the Snchez-Pizjun where a flag with a picture of Monchi celebrating a triumph.

Monchi has already spoken this week about the derby in the club’s official media and left a message to the Sevilla fans: “There is no greater satisfaction for a professional than to make people happy. I hope Sunday at 11 is the happiest in the world. It is the biggest prize one has. There is no greater payment than your people are happy. The only thing they should be clear about is that those of us who will be there we will give everything because we know what it means to everyone“.

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