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How long has the new Fable been in development? Playground Creative Reveals It | LevelUp

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Playground Games not only has in its hands Forza Horizon 5, as he is currently working on one of the most important projects for the future of Xbox. Of course, we mean the return of Fable with a new installment that still remains a great mystery.

For now we know that the title will use ForzaTech, the development engine of the racing franchise that will have some improvements. Likewise, it was confirmed that the writer of Control will be the main scriptwriter of the game.

Now information has emerged about its development process, which has been active for longer than many fans believe and estimate. We know this thanks to a Playground Games employee who revealed an interesting fact about Fable.

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New Fable takes more time in development than you think

Tom Golton, Principal Engineer at Playground Games, recently celebrated another year as a studio employee. In social networks he boasted a brief recognition that the company gave him for his career.

The creative received a pin with the developer’s logo and a message thanking him for his work and all his contributions to the team. The interesting thing is that Golton stated that he has been working on the next 4 years Fable and he’s very excited about the title.

This does not necessarily mean that the development of the game began in 2017, as its planning may have started even earlier. On the other hand, this is also not a clear sign that its launch is close.

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It is worth remembering that in that year Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, spoke about the franchise and left the doors open to see a new installment of the saga in the future. On the other hand, the first reports about the return of the IP emerged in early 2018.

That said, everything indicates that the planning of the game began approximately 4 years ago, so Playground Games surely already worked on pre-production. It is unclear when active game development began.

When will the next installment of Fable?

As of this writing, Fable it does not have an exact date or a release window. Some sources have pointed out that several major Xbox projects, including the Playground title, would run through 2023.

Other informants have limited themselves to saying that projects such as Fable They are very far away and it could even come when there is already a hardware revision or an intermediate update in the Microsoft consoles.

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Fable It is in development for Xbox and PC consoles. We recommend you visit this link to know all the news related to the title.


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