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Genshin Impact: 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Rosaria

Genshin Impact’s newest character has a complex story and backstory. Here are some things you may not know about Rosaria.

Rosaria is a new 4-star character released in Impacto de Genshin 1.4. Players have been waiting for its release ever since it made a cameo appearance in 1.2. In the Dragonspine quest, people can see the mysterious Rosaria in action. Although there was outrage due to a change in its 1.4 design, many players still choose to want it.

Rosaria is a Sister of the Church of Favonius, which may seem strange considering that Rosaria’s attitude does not reflect that of the other Sisters. However, there is a detailed backstory on how this came to be. Here are some things that players may not know about Rosaria.

Updated on November 9, 2021 by Nahda Nabiilah: Genshin Impact has come a long way. Almost a year after launch, the game enters a new patch with Genshin Impact 2.0, where Inazuma is released. The Electro region comes with new characters for fans to collect. However, older drives have been shown to perform just as well (if not better) than newer ones. Therefore, many players are still interested in the mysterious figure, Rosaria. Not much more has been revealed about the Sister, but here are some additional tantalizing trivia for fans to dig deeper.

She was raised by thieves

Rosaria did not grow up in Mondstadt; instead, he was born in a distant town in the mountains. While she was a baby, the village was attacked by bandits until its destruction. During this raid, a bandit brought Rosaria and cared for her among them.

He spent his childhood as a tool for these thieves, performing simple tasks to help with their thefts. With them, he learned to fight and survive. His childhood was not easy, as food alone was a rare commodity.

He has “parents” like Bennett (and he killed one of them)

Raised among thieves, Rosaria has not one, but several “parents.” This story seems familiar, as Bennett’s situation is similar. Rosaria’s story, however, is much darker. While Bennett was lovingly raised by adventurers, Rosaria was used as a tool by bandits.

Finally, Rosaria killed one of her “parents,” the one who took her in as a baby. In this fight, the Archon blessed her with a Cryo Vision. But one thing resonates in his head: did his father sacrifice himself so that Rosaria can replace him?

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Her past may be dark, but Rosaria is not afraid of her

Raised among thieves and criminal acts, Rosaria often encountered her old self urging her to keep going. It seems that even the lone wolf of the night cannot escape his own past. Fortunately, Rosaria doesn’t take this matter too seriously.

For Rosaria, the past is what made her who she is now. And for that, you shouldn’t let it go. Rosaria is not afraid of her past and sometimes she will not hesitate to hold on to it. Perhaps, after all, one does not have to run away from his story.

Varka allowed him to redeem himself

The bandit band was eventually eradicated by the Knights of Favonius. As Rosaria was the youngest among them, Grandmaster Varka decided that she should be allowed to redeem herself and sent her to become a Sister of the Church of Favonius.

Rosaria did not do well in her training. She did not care about the work of the Sisters, nor the masses and choirs. You cannot bother with prayers or any form of church event. Eventually she was allowed to bear the title of “Sister,” but at what cost?

She has a beautiful handwriting

Unlike Xingqiu, who is famous for her monstrous handwriting, Rosaria has beautiful calligraphy. Unfortunately, she only uses this to fill her boredom. Her journal, which is supposed to be for her lessons as a sister, is full of nonsense.

While Rosaria trained in church, she often skipped classes and ran to the roof. There, bathing in the sun, he listened to the merchants of the city. She has beautifully recorded her words in her journal: “Buy three tomatoes, get one free!”

She don’t do a sister’s job

Although she bears the title “Sister,” she does not do any traditional Sister work. Instead, his work is somewhere in the shadows. Considering herself a daughter of the moonlight, Rosaria is determined to keep Mondstadt safe from the threats that lurk at night.

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This is Rosaria’s real work, and her title as Sister is nothing more than a cover for this truth. Unfortunately for her, this sometimes means that she has no choice but to attend some events at the church. Although she attends when she has to, she is surely the first to leave a service.

She is quick to disappear

The church isn’t the only thing Rosaria doesn’t care about. She also dislikes social interaction and prefers to be alone most of the time. On the rare occasions when she is forced to interact socially, she will disappear the moment her friend blinks.

This is very frustrating for Sister Barbara, who is determined to get closer to Rosaria. Of course, your efforts are in vain. However, Rosaria does not appear to be ruthless. In the Windblume Festival story, she was seen comforting Barbara after the Mondstadt idol thought her sister Jean was buried somewhere.

Rosaria is a reliable ally

Although not the best Sister, Rosaria certainly excels at her job. You can easily detect threats and will not hesitate to confront and interrogate an intruder. If the situation demands it, the Sister will not think twice about “eliminating” the threats. Rosaria will make sure her face is the last thing they see.

While it may seem unlikely that you will befriend Rosaria, she will always have your back once someone takes her side. Even though sometimes, he will do it from the shadows, unseen.

Rosaria hates overtime

While Ganyu innocently asked the Traveler to join her during overtime, Rosaria firmly believes that it is non-negotiable. She is a professional at her job and can be trusted to make it all happen. No one could correctly describe Rosaria as lazy.

However, when it comes to working outside of her designated hours, she refuses. Once she has finished her work, Rosaria will immediately disappear, either in the Tavern or to spend a few moments alone. You will find a way to fill time, but not work.

She can’t say “Barbatos”

Rosaria may be a Sister of the Church, but she’s not exactly a believer in gods. In fact, he doesn’t even know how to say “Barbatos,” the name of the Anemo Archon.

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Fischl once heard Rosaria pronounce the name as “Bartabos” while thinking that Rosaria was leading a prayer. Since it is impossible for Rosaria to lead a prayer, it could be assumed that she was sacrificing criminals in the name of Anemo Archon. However, it was a shame that he mispronounced Bartobas. Or was it Barsibato?

Rosaria doesn’t believe in gods

For Rosaria, being a sister does not mean that she has to worship the gods. Just as some fishermen do not eat fish or some hunters do not eat pork, Rosaria believes that she does not need faith to be a Sister either. This eccentric character takes a job when she needs it, but for Rosaria, doing a job doesn’t mean you love her.

For this, Rosaria is infamous for being a cleric in name only. Fortunately, this does not matter to her. As long as she can protect the young people of Mondstadt, Rosaria will do whatever it takes.

He likes dandelion wine, but he never gets drunk

Sister Rosaria has never found fun in the flora of Teyvat. However, dandelions are the only exception. Not because of its appearance, not because it is fragile. Rather, it is because the simple flower can turn into dandelion wine.

Rosaria spends a lot of time at the tavern, and Dandelion Wine is one of her favorites after work. Although he likes alcohol, it is quite remarkable that he has never gotten drunk. This may be because you know that alcohol can reveal someone’s identity. It seems that Rosaria is careful even during her break.

Rosaria and Jean admire each other

For Rosaria, Jean is an admirable person. The Acting Grand Mistress is capable of handling the affairs of Mondstadt, but this does not only include her own work. Jean likes to make sure everyone’s business is taken care of, which inspires Rosaria to be thorough.

For Jean, Rosaria’s independence prompts her to work harder. Jean once offered her help to Rosaria, but Rosaria believed that doing so would do more work for her. Jean believes that Rosaria always does her job well, which inspires her to work harder to help the people of Mondstadt.

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