Saturday, December 3

Forza Horizon 5 takes a big step and will add a sign language interpreter

Accessibility in the world of videogames is one of the issues that most concerns a fairly large part of users. There are not many titles that strives to add facilities for all players and, when there is one that does, it stands out well above the average. And that’s just what just happened to Forza Horizon 5, which in itself has proven to be a beautiful car work and that It has also confirmed that implementing an interpreter for sign language soon.

Mike Brown, creative director of Playground Games has spoken on the subject in Xbox Wire: “We are constantly listening to the community to make Forza Horizon 5 an inclusive experience for everyone to enjoy. With this in mind, the team is pleased to share that we are also working on supporting the American Sign Language (ASL) and American Language. British Sea (BSL) for cinematics in Forza Horizon 5 “.

The interpreter that appears on the screen will do it as you see it in the video that we have left you on these lines. With its own image combined with that of the video game and helping users to be able to get deeper into the story and not lose an iota of racing intensity, basically the operation will be the same as that done on television, for example.

Waiting for the launch

Premium Edition users can now enjoy Forza Horizon 5, while others will have to wait until November 9. It has not yet been confirmed when this function will be enabled, so we rule out that it is active at the moment that the title can be in the hands of all players. However, seeing as this is an extremely important option We do not believe that Microsoft will take longer than necessary to implement that in its work, since without a doubt it is possibly the biggest and best novelty that we have seen so far.

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Forza Horizon 5 est disponible para Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One y PC. You can read right here our analysis so that you can see first-hand what we thought about this new installment (we already anticipated that it is amazing).

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