Friday, November 25

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is delayed to December and shows its launch trailer

Final Fantasy XIV He just gave us one of the worst news of the day: the delay of the expansion Endwalker, which was postulated as one of the most important of the work of Naoki Yoshida and that it should have arrived, in principle, on November 23rd. However, this is not a very long delay, since it is actually postponed for only a few weeks. its new release date of December 7 with early access scheduled for December 3. Along with this announcement they have published their launch trailer, which you can see below:

Yoshida’s explanations

Yoshida has been the same responsible for communicating the delay and explaining the reasons for which it is due. What the same person in charge of the game relates is not something that we have not already heard in the past, and more considering the number of delays that have occurred since the coronavirus pandemic, but he attributes this delay above all to his selfishness as a director because , roughly, wants to Endwalker leaves in the best possible conditions for the public:

“The biggest factor behind the release date change was my own selfishness as a game director. Since I was put in charge of the game. Final Fantasy XIV original, I have continued the development and operations of Final Fantasy XIV for the past 11 years as I always strive to balance my position as producer overseeing the project and director in charge of development. My intention was to work in the same way as we approached the final stages of Endwalker.”

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Endwalker arrive in top condition

As pues, Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker be available next December (you can see its news here) and the intention is that it arrives with all its polished errors and with the highest possible quality, a gesture that clearly indicates that those responsible they care about their community and want them to have the best gaming experience.

Keep in mind that Endwalker It is the closing of a narrative arc that currently has eleven years of history with tons of cinematics, so you have to get serious here. Obviously the expectations of all users are through the roof and Yoshida wants to walk with lead feet. That delay is also due, surely, to the fact that the narrative wants to be left without any kind of loose end or anything like that.

Let’s hope that December 7th comes very soon and we can sink our teeth into it.

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