Sunday, November 27

Fernando Alonso: “I didn’t make the perfect lap, but I’m close to the points”

Fernando Alonso has not been able to pass from Q1 in the Mexican event, with his teammate Esteban Ocon last in Q2, which speaks of a bad Alpine in the American event.

“The first lap when the red flag was raised was a good lap, for 17.8 and getting into Q2 well, but I only did the second and did not make a perfect lap, there was always some problem here or there and that is the reason“, he assured as he got out of the car.

“Rewinding anyway we could have made another strategy, two attempts and I only made one, perhaps we were too optimistic,” he acknowledged, ensuring that they had a plan for Q2 in the team.“Yes, the slipstream was designed for Estaban and me but in Q2 to get into Q3. But we couldn’t do anything.”

Jos MndezEFE

But Fernando will start 12 with the four suspended, including his partner, and a fifth like Russell also five places behind. “Tomorrow the idea is to try to score points. In Austin I came out last for the engine change and I almost got points, so if I got 13 here (finally 12), with the choice of free tire etc, I’m closer to finishing between the 8th and the 10th. ”

“It’s going to be a tough race, long, for brakes, motor, pilot … for everyone for the cooling and the height, but we will look for a smart career and we’ll see it”.

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