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Elder Scrolls Online: All Deadlands Skyshard Locations

There are six new Skyshards to find in Deadlands: two are kept hidden in the Delves in the area, while four are available to find in the overworld.

In each Elder Scrolls and Linea zone are a variety of Skyshards. These nodes grant players one skill point for every three collected, and each zone typically has at least two levels of Skyshards to locate. In the Deadlands DLC, there are six Skyshards to find.

Additionally, Update 32, which was released at the same time as the Deadlands DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, introduced a new system for finding Skyshards that makes searching a bit easier. However, finding the Skyshards in the first place is an entirely different matter.

Deadlands Skyshards Overview

The Deadlands DLC, along with Update 32, introduced a new map and compass feature for The Elder Scrolls Online which highlights nearby Skyshards. When a player is within a few hundred meters of one of these collectibles, a black and white outline of a Skyshard will appear on the world map and compass, guiding players who do not have special add-ons installed.

Skyshard’s new hunting system does not show Skyshards location everywhere on the map. It will only highlight those that are nearby, and the icon will disappear completely if the player moves out of range. It’s a good idea to follow the suggestions in the Zone Guide to determine the exact location of a nearby Skyshard, as Deadlands Skyshards tend to be in less obvious locations than other zones.

Skyshard One: Near the Furious Shore Sanctuary

The first Skyshard to appear in the Zone Guide is found within minutes of entering Deadlands for the first time. Head north of the Raging Coast Wayshrine and you’ll come to a small stone bridge underneath two jutting stone platforms.

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Look up to the platform on the left and you will see the Skyshard light radiating from the tip of the outcrop. To get there, head behind the large jutting stone and look for one of several climbable slopes that lead to the top.

Skyshard Two: At the Jynd Foundry

The second Skyshard is found in Jynd’s Factory, a location that players visit during the main Deadlands quest line. Head north of the Wretched Spire Wayshrine and turn west at the fork to see the Skyshard icon appear. Alternatively, you can head to Scoursales Wayshrine and head east on the main road.

As the Zone Guide’s suggestion suggests, this Skyshard is actually below ground level, although it can also be accessed through a small hole in the rock on the southeastern side of the Foundry. Look for a beam of light emitting a large hole in the ground and survive the fall to find this Skyshard.

Skyshard Three: Beneath the Annihilarch Summit

The third Skyshard is located on a rocky outcrop similar to the Skyshard on the Furious Coast. It’s also one of the easiest to find, as players only have to travel to the Annihilarch Summit Shrine and travel a short distance south to see the Skyshard icon appear on the compass.

Players will see the Skyshard’s beam of light above them on the side of a large rock face, and must travel to the rear of the stone slope to find its entrance. There are a few ways to get to the top of this outcrop, so be patient and use your mount to navigate the steep slopes at the base.

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Skyshard Four: in the Shambles district of Fargrave

The fourth Skyshard is not located in the Deadlands at all, but rather in the independent city of Fargrave that exists in its own Oblivion bubble. Players must head to The Shambles (specifically the Shambles Wayshrine) to locate this Skyshard.

Travel south of Wayshrine taking the high roads, not the overland, to reach a more central area of ​​Shambles. The Skyshard is found across a bridge to an above-ground building, and this Skyshard is found near some pillars and of course on a hulking skeleton.

Skyshard Five: Inside the Brandfire Reformatory Delve

Every delve into The Elder Scrolls Online contains a Skyshard, each of which is listed in the Zone Guide along with the associated Delve. The Brandfire Reformatory Delve is located on the west side of the Deadlands across a short bridge over lava.

This Skyshard is located in the first room of the Brandfire Reformatory, behind the towering central cliffs on a metal platform embedded in the rock. Players will see the icon on their compass and map as they get closer, but because the Skyshard is located high up, players will have to scale the structure to access it.

Skyshard Six: Into the False Martyr’s Madness delve

The sixth and final Skyshard in the Deadlands DLC is found inside the other Delve, False Martyr’s Folly. East Delve lies on the other side of the Deadlands in the far northeast, just a short drive from the eponymous Wayshrine from the Delve.

This Skyshard is found in the central room of False Martyr’s Folly on the East Road, sitting on top of a ledge, as if it should be out of bounds. However, if players continue to travel to the back of the room, they will see a scalable slope leading to this ledge and the final Skyshard.

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