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Dead By Daylight: Bloodpoint Categories Explained

Dead by Daylight uses a progression currency known as Bloodpoints. Here’s what you need to know about each category in Bloodpoint.

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric multiplayer game in which four characters known as survivors attempt to repair the generators and escape before a single assassin hooks them up and sends them to the Entity. Dead by Daylight has been going strong for the better part of the five years, and with a host of new updates and content, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Dead by Daylight features various forms of currency in the game. The most ubiquitous form of progression currency in the game is known as Bloodpoints. These Bloodpoints are earned by completing specific tasks or objectives in the eight different categories of Bloodpoints. With four categories for survivors and four categories for assassins, there are a myriad of ways to obtain these Bloodpoints to unlock character progression items in Bloodweb. Here’s what you need to know about each category.

Targets (survivors)

The Objectives category will award you Bloodpoints based on completing match-specific tasks such as repairing generators, completing generator skill checks, opening item chests, unlocking the exit door, and even getting through the hatch.

This category is quite broad and essentially rewards you with Bloodpoints for doing your part in the Survivor team to get to the end of the game more quickly. If you have one of the Bloodweb items, like the map, you can even earn extra objective points for helping your team.

Survival (survivors)

The Survival Bloodpoint category, as the name implies, is about surviving and staying alive in the match for as long as possible. The best way to stay alive is to avoid being hooked by the killer. The Survival category is quite comprehensive and is divided into states of healing, using medkits, helping injured survivors, and even stun the killer.

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Dead by Daylight is a team game, so every action you take to heal a bleeding survivor or lift him off the ground can go a long way toward scoring those Survival Points. One of the more interesting sub-categories is that you can earn extra points by escaping after being the obsession of one of the assassins.

Altruism (survivors)

Altruism is a fancy word for simply helping others. While there is some crossover with the category of survival, altruism focuses solely on teamwork, always helping where needed. Tasks like rescuing survivors from hooks, healing others, repairing a generator near an injured survivor, and even protecting an injured teammate can earn you those coveted Bloodpoints.

One of the most important tools that assassins have in their arsenal are various traps, such as bear traps. If you are able to rescue another survivor from a murderer’s trap, you also get points for that. The Altruism category will improve your points if you constantly help your teammates, even to your detriment.

Audacity (survivors)

The Audacity category has to do with your tenacity and fighting the assassin. Essentially, most of the points in this category come from being up close and personal with the killer. You get a lot of points in this category while being chased and then escaping from the chase. You also get points for the time when you hide in a locker to evade the killer, as well as for spending time in one of the basements where there is usually only one exit.

There are many items that you can use to trick or hinder the killer in some way. For example, items such as firecrackers or flashlights can be used to stun a dry killer. If you want Bloodpoints to be bold, don’t be afraid to take on them. Your fellow survivors will certainly thank you.

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Brutality (killers)

The Brutality category for assassins is probably the easiest to get the most points. Most of the areas in this category come from hitting survivors with your weapon, destroying paddles or breakable walls, and damaging generators. If you stay on your prey during a match, you are likely to score a lot of brutality points.

Another interesting thing to note about this category is that the points also refer to interrupting the actions of a survivor. For example, if you hit a Survivor while repairing a generator or while healing someone, you get a Bloodpoints reward.

Cunning (assassins)

Cunning category blood points are awarded when you efficiently and effectively use your assassin’s special powers. Most of the points here are specific to the killer. There are some areas of general cunning like closing a hatch, evading a flashlight item, or letting a survivor bleed out.

However, the best thing you can do to earn these points is to know the powers and traps that your killer has. As an example, The Wraith killer is capable of stalking and surprising survivors. If you’re using this power to sneak up on you and jump on survivors, then you get Deflection Bloodpoints for that.

Hunter (assassins)

The Hunter Bloodpoint category is divided into finding, chasing, and finally catching the survivors. Blood points pile up in most of these cases. When you are in a chase with a survivor, you get a cumulative amount of points for a few seconds and depending on how long you stay in the chase. Additionally, if you interrupt a Survivor when he exits a Locker, this also awards Hunter Points.

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The Hunter category is probably one of the smallest categories in terms of specific actions, but it is also the largest. Most of his time as an assassin is spent hunting down survivors, so most of his end points likely came from this area.

Sacrifice (assassins)

The Sacrifice category is about completing actions that serve the Entity. The Entity is the dark tentacled creature that descends to take a hooked survivor offering. As the name implies, every time you hook and sacrifice a Survivor, you are awarded Bloodpoints in this category.

However, even if you manage to summon the Entity without the survivor being fully sacrificed, you still get some points for that. There are also character-specific areas, like the reverse bear trap for The Pig Killer, that can take out a survivor without being hooked.

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