Tuesday, November 29

Colt Express 2 Trains and 1 Mission, the new team version of the board game

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Team up with your teammates to carry out an ambitious train robbery together in the latest expansion for Colt Express 2 Trains and 1 Mission. This expansion adds a second train, two new characters and a new cooperative game mode.

Colt Express 2 Trains and 1 Mission is a board game designed for 3 to 9 players, with a recommended age from 10 years, and with games lasting approximately 50 minutes. The game was presented at the last fair in Essen

Along the Colt Express tracks travels the Union Pacific, a steam locomotive containing a collection of top-secret documents on which a band of bandits have set their greedy eyes. However, retrieving them will not be easy, as this train houses security personnel with shotguns and a machine gun firing from the roof.

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Colt Express 2 Trains and 1 Mission includes an additional 3D train, containing two special carriages and even more dangers to overcome. The next expansion of the board game also includes two new bandits that players will be able to control, each with their own powers.

Colt Express 2 Trains and 1 Mission, chaos and betrayal in a double robbery

One of them is Misty a fierce melee fighter, who has the ability to use any bullet card in her hands as punch cards, and the other is a duo called Twinzz that he is able to play two cards each time a tunnel round occurs, but must play both face up.

In addition to the two new characters, the expansion includes an AI-controlled character named The professor, designed to replace an extra player in the event a team runs out of staff.

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There are two team modes included in Colt Express 2 Trains and 1 Mission, one that is a direct battle between two sides to see who wins the most gold, and another in which players can choose to betray their team in the final round and try to win. the loot. If players choose to support their team, they can play a push card to give one of their fellow bandits a chance to take a basic action on their turn.

Portada de Colt Express 2 Trains and 1 Mission

Colt Express 2 Trains and 1 Mission has been created by Christophe Raimbault, the designer of the original Colt Express and its fast board game Colt Super Express, as well as all previous expansions in the series.

Ludonaute is the publisher of Colt Express 2 Trains and 1 Mission, as well as the main game and tabletop titles such as Lewis & Clark: The Expedition and Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark.

Colt Express 2 Trains and 1 Mission It will arrive sometime in 2022, in an edition in English and French, although it is most likely that we will have an edition in Spanish by the hand of asmodee Iberica. The launch price for the rails is yet to be confirmed.

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