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Bloober Team and Rogue Games work on a promising new horror game | LevelUp

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In recent months, much has circulated around the new project by Bloober Team, a developer that has gained popularity thanks to the experiences of horror and suspense it has offered, such as Observer, Blair Witch, The Medium and Layers of Fear. After the premiere of The Medium many wondered what’s next for the Polish study; Little by little new details appear and today details of one of their new games have just come to light.

Through a press release, distributor Rogue Games announced a collaboration with Bloober Team to make a “scary new” game a reality, confirming that 2 of the studio’s 3 new projects are in the horror genre.

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As we told you, Bloober Team has already confirmed that it works on the horror game Layers of Fear 3. However, there are not many details of this other project, in which Rogue Games will be important, as it will provide the capital in a certain capacity to make the project a reality. The little that is known is that Bloober Team formed this alliance because Rogue Games agrees with its vision; for its part, the distributor praised the studio and mentioned that it would be the one to bring to life the “great crazy concept” of the game.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Rogue on this incredible project,” said Piotr Babieno, CEO of Bloober Team. “We pride ourselves on making games that push the boundaries of originality and immersion, and we are delighted to be working alongside a company that shares our vision.”

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What is the Rogue Games studio?

Surely you know the Bloober Team studio, but maybe not so much about Rogue Games. This distribution company has published several indie projects, such as Hexaflip, Under: Depths of Fear, Giant Dancing Plushies, Neon Beasts, Monomals and WipEout Rush, a new title in the PlayStation series that will debut in early 2022.

The names of these games may not be familiar to you, but you should know that the Rogue Company is made up of many creatives and executives with a lot of experience in the industry who have worked at Apple, IGN, Activision, Sony and even Nintendo. Among them are Matt Casamassina, Chris Carvalho, Jack Tretton (former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment) and Reggie Fils-Aimé (former president of Nintendo of America).

“We’ve admired Bloober’s dark and beautiful games for years, so we knew right away that they were the only team that would do justice to this crazy cool concept,” said Matt Casamassina, CEO of Rogue Games. “Today is not the day – unforgettable, original games and mops take time and care to make – but we can’t wait to fully announce the details of this project at a later date.”

What was made clear is that this new game will be exclusive to next-generation consoles and PC.

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What do you expect from this new Bloober Team project? Tell us in the comments.

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