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Blitz: Rise of Heroes, about to arrive on iOS and Android • Console and Dashboard

Blitz: Rise of Heroes It will be released on iOS and Android devices on November 9. We are facing a fantasy and role-playing game in three dimensions, in which the designs of the characters, the environments and, above all, the gameplay have been taken care of to the maximum to give a touch of quality to the devices where we play it, without losing view performance.


This novelty comes with more than 40 customizable heroes to choose from and different modes. One day, Asteria, the place where the events take place, is taken over by a cult believed to be half forgotten, worshiping the flame deity Cyrus.

The hope to face evil resides in the Alliance and the Guardians. They will have to agree, something that will not seem easy. Following this story, we will enjoy a campaign, in a PvP arena mode and different possibilities, including puzzles.

In combat modes, we can be six against six, in a game experience that is defined as fast and with hardly any charges. On the other hand, not only will we have a good number of heroes to choose from, but we will also have up to 104 abilities and four unique talents. In addition, we will update our character.

We will can accumulate resources While we are not connected, something that promises to speed up the game, considering that Asteria is huge and that we will have to explore it to destroy all of Cyrus’s followers. The development is carried out by Whaleapp, who opt for the free download game system.

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