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Alexa adds more than six billion interactions with users in our country

Today, November 6, Alexa turns 3 in Spain and 7 in the United States. On the occasion of this celebration, Amazon has reported that it has already added more than six billion interactions with Spanish users in these three years and has received more than 5 million I love you only in the last one. “During these first three years, users of this service have grown by 90% compared to last year. A significant fact is that in the last 12 months, more than three and a half billion interactions were made among Spanish users and Alexa, of which 34% have more than one device connected at home & rdquor ;, has highlighted Gianmaria Visconti, country manager for Amazon Alexa in France, Italy and Spain.

Help in everyday life

Alexa has been well accepted for its ability to help in different ways in all kinds of tasks and proof of its optimal integration are the 11 million reminders that it has programmed in the last year, the 88 million times that Spaniards have asked it about the weather forecast and the 39 million times they have done it for the news. Alexa was also required 183 million times to set an alarm or a timer, while it has established 402 million routines in the last year.

Advances in service

Her acceptance is also due to the improvements implemented, she has become smarter and also more local, and has learned, for example, to recognize accents, what are the holidays, the main sayings and sayings, and she is a football expert, ‘Alexa, what saint is he today?’ is one of the most asked questions. Another sign of the good reception is the activity that has aroused in the developer community, which has created more than 4,000 Skills in Spain alone.

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327 million hours of music

From the beginning, music has been one of the protagonists in its journey in Spanish territory, and continues to be so: it has reproduced 327 million hours of music since its arrival, of which 229 million were in the last year, which is a 70% of the total. Among the songs that Spanish users have requested the most are Camilo’s ‘Vida de rico’, ‘Baby Shark’, and the traditional ‘Happy Birthday’.

It is also used by hobbyists, especially thanks to Skills like Cookpad. In the last year, it has shared more than 796 thousand recipes, among which the potato omelette, the sponge cake and the boletus risotto stand out.

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Support tool

Alexa has provided 137 thousand hours of meditation in the last year through the Diana Meditation Skill, and with the Diana Yoga Skill. It should be noted that it has also collaborated with the Red Cross to offer information related to mental health symptoms and recommendations when users ask it: “Alexa, tell me about mental health& rdquor ;. These information and suggestions have been prepared by the Red Cross itself.

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