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10 tips for beginners from Elvenar

Elvenar is a magnificent city building game that you can play in the browser or on your mobile. Here are some key tips to get you started.

While console and PC games have an extremely high level of production quality, they may not be an option for gamers who are on a budget or too young to buy games for themselves. Therefore, browser and mobile games have filled a niche as a low-cost, low-maintenance way for these audiences to enjoy a gaming experience. Elvenar is a beautiful example.

Elvenar is a city building game that players can enjoy in their browser or on their phone. It has a very simple premise, but there are some aspects of the game that new players may not immediately understand. Here are some tips to help newcomers.

Work on story missions

After the tutorial, the player is given a handful of story missions to complete. These story missions often give the player a decent amount of materials to start with, allowing them to comfortably build resources from scratch.

Story missions are also useful because help the player to become familiar with the mechanics of the game. They also provide a short-term goal to work on, so players aren’t spinning their wheels elsewhere. Focus on completing as many story missions as possible to familiarize yourself with the game.

Keep improving buildings

The most important part of Elvenar is the number of buildings the player can create. These buildings often help generate resources for the player’s kingdom, making them important for the development of the city.

Upgrading these buildings is important to keep up with the growing need for materials. With limited space for construction, it is more important upgrade buildings when there is no room to add more structures. While some buildings require the premium currency for upgrades, many vital buildings do not.

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Pay attention to standard products

At a certain point, the player will gain access to the ability to make marble, steel, and wood. They can also investigate an impulse that increases the production quantity of one of these three goods.

Resources are always important in city building games, and these goods are vital as they form the cornerstone of the trading of Elvenar. Most players will choose to focus on just one resource and then use it to trade the other two goods. While it is possible to build all three factories, it is better rely on the trade to acquire the necessary goods.

Don’t neglect residences or workshops

Residences and Workshops are basic buildings and will be the first to be built by most new players. Its main objective is provide gold and supplies, although residences also increase the population of the city.

While they may seem like basic buildings, new players shouldn’t ignore their importance. Gold and supplies will often be used in many ways, so having a consistent supply is important. Ensuring that residencies and workshops are up-to-date and numerous should be an early goal for beginners.

Explore as much as possible

Weather Elvenar It is not an open world adventure game, it is still important to explore your world. After a certain point, the player will be introduced to the exploration, in which Explore areas surrounding your city in hopes of finding materials and relics. While exploring, they can discover the cities of other players, which they can visit and interact with.

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Scouting is essential to the growth of a city. It is a quick way to generate knowledge points for research, facilitating the obtaining of technologies. Additionally, fully exploring an area can give the player city expansions depending on how many areas they have cleared, making exploration vital to the growth of the city.

Help the neighboring players

Unlike other city simulation games, there is a multiplayer aspect to Elvenar. Trading and scholarships are important ways that players can interact with other players for their own benefit. However, it can be a bit difficult for new players to figure out the best way to interact with other cities.

A simple way that players can interact with each other is helping each other. When visiting another player’s city, a player can choose to help them, giving them additional resources to use. This is an easy way for beginners to interact with other players without much thought.

Make use of the merchant

Trading is a big part of city building games and Elvenar is no different. The merchant provides a variety of functions that generally revolve around purchasing and exchanging resources. This is the best way for players to get resources quickly.

While bidding up front can be difficult if players are not aware of current exchange rates, it is important start trading from scratch to quickly build stock of standard products. By trading smartly, players will be able to quickly increase their stock of resources.

Use the wholesaler to avoid a surplus

Gold and supplies can add up quickly, but there is a strict limit to how much a player can have at one time. It can be difficult to figure out how to make room for more resources while spending the surplus wisely.

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The best way to get rid of that surplus is to use the wholesaler, which allows players to purchase numerous resources for gold, supplies, or goods. Players can use this to prevent their resources from spilling, while purchasing the necessary resources.

Use snapshots strategically

As the player continues with the story missions, they will eventually gain access to the moments. Snapshots are mainly used to reduce the time it takes to build or update something, and they are very convenient in case the player needs to do something right away.

While enchantments can be developed using the magic academy, instant ones cannot be made or purchased even with premium currency, making them that much more valuable. As a result, it is better save them for when they are absolutely necessary, instead of using them carelessly.

Leave the game alone (just for a while)

Eventually, players will stop at ElvenarEither because they have run out of things to do or are waiting for a build or update to complete. At this point, there will be little else to do except wait.

This is the perfect time to close the game and do something else for a whileas the game will continue to develop and update off-screen. If possible, the player should set as many builds with long timeouts so that there is a decent amount of resources to collect the next time they log in.

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