Friday, November 25

Video Tutorial RabbitZ and Robots (prototype) • Console and Dashboard

Coinciding with the final stretch of RabbitZ and Robots At Verkami, we published a 5 minute long video tutorial. Those who have already entered the campaign will liven up the wait until the launch, scheduled for March 2022. On the other hand, it will help those who are undecided at the last minute.

As we saw in the review published a few weeks ago, we are facing a card game of 1 to 5 participants, indicated from the age of 10. Lorena Gestido and Javier Martínez, as authors, and Bambinomonkey, in charge of the illustrations, take us to the distant future. Life on Earth has changed and the survival of the last species hangs in the balance.

The vegetables face an invasion of mutant zombie rabbits, threatening to leave no trace of them. Fortunately, they have powerful fighting machines to deal with the danger. We are facing a project by Rocket Lemon Games, which can boast of being one of the most successful in Verkami. We must bear in mind that for the realization of the video tutorial, we have used its prototype, so we are not facing a definitive design.


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