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The Final Fantasy VII Battle Royale already has a date on iPhone, iPad and Android LevelUp

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Square Enix knows very well that Final Fantasy VII enjoys enormous popularity among fans of the franchise. Not in vain have we seen various spin-offs and a remake that seek to expand the adventure of Cloud and company to new horizons.

Now, the company wants to explore other areas with Final Fantasy VII: THE FIRST SOLDIER, a Battle Royale that was revealed in June of this year. If the mobile proposal caught your attention, we have good news for you: there is already a release date for the title.

Prepare your iPhone, iPad or Android device, since Final Fantasy VII: THE FIRST SOLDIER It will debut sooner than you think and will be available this month.

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When will it debut THE FIRST SOLDIER, the Battle Royale of Final Fantasy VII?

To start with, you should know that Final Fantasy VII: THE FIRST SOLDIER It will debut as a free-to-play title, so you can download it for free on your iOS or Android device. For this reason, the game will offer an internal shopping system where you can get new content in exchange for real money.

The Battle Royale will have a worldwide launch on November 17, so you will be able to enjoy its battles in a couple of weeks. Interested players can now register and cooperate to unlock various rewards, such as additional skins.

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Square Enix recommends having an iOS device with an operating system 13.0 or higher and a minimum of 2 GB of RAM to enjoy it. The game will require an initial installation of 1.6 GB.

The company revealed a new trailer to present the introduction of the Battle Royale, where we can take a look at the characters that will appear in this new adventure. We do not tell you more and we leave you the video below:

In case you don’t remember Final Fantasy VII: THE FIRST SOLDIER will offer games for up to 75 players. The combats will be set in iconic locations of the JRPG and it will be possible to fight with characters of different classes, who will be able to combine firearms, magic and melee attacks.

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Final Fantasy VII: THE FIRST SOLDIER It will debut on November 17 on an iOS or Android device. Find more information about the Battle Royale and the franchise in general at this link.

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