Sunday, November 27

Sword of the Necromancer is now available in Basque, Galician, Catalan and Spanish

The barcelons Grimorio of Games studio has updated Sword of the Necromancer with a new location in Basque, thus completing its game with translation into all the co-official languages ​​of our country: since its launch, this action RPG had texts in Spanish, Catalan and Galician, in addition to other international languages ​​such as English, Italian or Japanese. This is how one of its developers told it on Twitter:

This new location is included in the update 2.1b from Sword of the Necromancer that is available at least on PC and Nintendo Switch. The developer herself has stood out in her Steam page that one of the main additions to this patch is the new translation: “The update also includes a new language: Basque, thanks to the help of Game Erauntsia, who took care of the location, “explains Grimoire of Games. According to his own official page, Game Erauntsia is a community of players that “was created in 2014 to deal with the limited number of video games in Basque and the scarce offer of content related to them”.

It is already translated into all the languages ​​of Spain

Those responsible for Sword of the Necromancer explain on Steam that they are very proud of having been able to localize their video game to all the co-official languages ​​of Spain: “Although Basque is not spoken by many people if we compare it with languages ​​such as English or Spanish, having this new language means that the game includes all the co-official languages ​​of our country, it’s something we are very proud of! “

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Sword of the Necromancer is available in PS4, Xbox One, PC y Nintendo Switch since January of this year, and a little less ago two new generation versions were also released for PS5 y Xbox Series X/S, all after in 2020 they managed to finance themselves with a 1300% of your goals on Kickstarter.

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