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Streamers lash out at Twitch; believe they should earn more money | LevelUp

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Every day thousands of streamers try to make a name for themselves on Twitch. While there are many who are happy with the income they earn, there are those who believe that the streaming platform should be more user-friendly and make the profit sharing fairer.

In case you’re not aware, users can subscribe to a Twitch channel by paying a minimum of $ 5 per month. That’s one of the most common and easy ways to support content creators, even though the streaming platform gets half the value of the subscription.

Streamers want to earn more for each subscription

Some users believe that Twitch should offer better deals, that is, increase the percentage of earnings that streamers get for each subscription. This idea was brought to the table once again after Facebook Gaming announced that content creators will get 100% of the revenue from subscriptions purchased through Facebook Pay.

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One of the first people to lash out at Twitch was DEZirableGamer, a popular streamer from Call of Duty. Through a post on Twitter, he claimed that it is crazy that users only get 50% of the revenue from subscriptions.

The content creator expanded her point in another tweet, saying that while Twitch doesn’t owe users money, she believes her hard work and that of other colleagues justify asking for better pay. As expected, his words started a heated debate on social networks; some supported it, while others hinted that everyone gets what they deserve.

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“Why are there so many people licking Twitch’s boots in the comments? They can afford to pay streamers more, they choose not to because they have a monopoly. Eventually they will have to change, not because they care, but because the growth of YouTube will pressure them to do so, “said the streamer of Overwatch Heilune, who showed her support towards DEZirableGamer.

Finally, the streamer of Minecraft Kendrisite was part of the discussion and shared that he tells his followers that instead of buying subscriptions on Twitch, go to his Patreon account if they want to support him financially.

It will be interesting to find out if Twitch is aware of this situation and if it will take action to satisfy the wishes of that sector of the community.

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But tell us, do you think streamers should earn more for every subscription they get on their channel? Let us read you in the comments.

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