Thursday, December 1

Rogue Company Epic Pack will be free on Epic Games Store • Console and Dashboard

Rogue Company Epic Pack It will be the next thing that the Epic Games Store will give to its users of its store. From now on, we can get free Aven Colony, which will allow us to build and carry the first extrasolar human settlement. We will have to grow our city and fight a dangerous hostile environment.


Aven Colony It will be available for free download until November 11 in the afternoon. To get hold of it, we just have to go to the Epic Games Store, add it to the cart and complete the purchase for free. It will be ours forever.

On the other hand, from November 11 to 18, the lonely Rogue Company Epic Pack will take its place. As its own title indicates, we are a content pack for the game Rogue Company.

It consists of Blade and Scorch, two characters, a suit for the first of them, called Infernal Blade, and 20,000 EXP points. Save the world in Rogue Company promises to be easier with this addition. We will put ourselves in the shoes of an elite agent, following the mechanics of a third person shooter. Lets enjoy various game modes. It is free, so we can play it after downloading it. It bears the signatures of First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios.

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