Sunday, December 4

Priest Simulator launches a free first chapter • Console and Dashboard

Priest Simulator It will not arrive until 2022. Its managers, Asmodev and Ultimate Games, have wanted to liven up the wait with the premiere of its first episode: Heavy Duty. It can be played on PC, via Steam, for free.


This proposal will put us in the shoes of a priest. The full game will consist of a “grotesque and absurd atmosphere” and a hundred different missions to complete. It will be in 2022 when it arrives on PC, through early access. Its arrival on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Switch is also on the mind of its creators.

It is defined as a first-person, solo adventure. Although the simulation will be its genre, it will introduce elements of a ‘sandbox’, a ‘shooter’ and a ‘hack’n’slash’. Our protagonist is Orlok, a vampire who ends up becoming a priest by accident.

As such, you will be able to care for the town’s parishioners, fight those who oppose your beliefs, and of course explore. Administering the sacraments, raising funds for the church, and performing exorcisms are also part of the options.

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