Sunday, November 27

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live delays its beta and launch until 2022

When The Pokémon Company announced Pokmon Trading Card Game Live, a new virtual version of his popular trading card game, confirmed that his intention was to launch it in trial version first in Canada and then in the rest of the world; This was something that was planned for 2021, but finally the company has decided that it needs more development time and not arrive until next year.

There will be more information “soon”

That way, Pokmon Trading Card Game Live start its journey sometime in 2022. The company has confirmed this through a tweet in his official account in which he promises details later: “To give Trainers a more refined experience, the soft-launch Mobile Pokémon TCG Live in Canada and the global open beta for desktop have moved to 2022. Soon we will have more to share “, you can read in the short statement inserted below these lines.

This delay must have been a hasty decision, since the company had already started sending out promotional material for Pokmon Trading Card Game Live on some traditional card game products. From The Pokémon Company they have ensured that the codes received as part of the advertising campaign of the new video game can be exchanged in the version online from Pokmon Trading Card Game while deciding the new release date for Pokmon Trading Card Game Live.

Pokmon Trading Card Game Live be a game free-to-play available for PC, iOS and Android. Have games online with cross progress, avatar customization, battle pass, deck management and much more.

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