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Nintendo works on the concept of its new console to launch this decade

Nintendo Switch It is on its way to becoming one of the company’s best-selling game consoles after the announcement that it has already managed to sell more than 92.87 million units worldwide. Despite his irreproachable success and the likelihood that he still has a few years ahead of him, from Nintendo they already think about the successor of their hybrid console. According to reports from VGC, Nintendo have been discussing internally for some time the concept for their new console and when they will have to launch it, which will be predictably throughout this new decade of 2020.

This information comes from a new information session after the publication of its latest financial results. Nintendo states that they plan to launch their “next gaming system” during the 2020s, although as we have indicated it appears that they are still are discussing essential aspects of the concept of the new hardware, so several important details remain to be clarified. The Japanese company also reiterated that Switch is in the intermediate phase of its life cycle and that they intend to maintain the sales rhythm with the new OLED model and the titles that are to come as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 O Bayonetta 3.

The successor to Switch must offer a unique and innovative experience

Keep in mind that the first Nintendo Switch model was launched on the market in March 2017, while the Switch Lite hit the stores in September 2019 and the OLED Switch in October 2021. On the other hand, in early May this same year we informed you about a record expenditure that Nintendo made in research and development, something that would point directly to the new hardware they are still working on. Furthermore, the company stated at the same time that it would create a hardware dedicated to offering all kinds of unique and innovative experiences is your top priority.

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To create a single piece of hardware, we have to do a lot of preparation several years in advance, so we are working non-stop.

This last point that we commented on the innovation is intimately linked with some words that declared Shuntaro Furukawa, current president of Nintendo, on the successor to Nintendo Switch. “The development teams of hardware and software are in the same building, communicating closely and thinking about how we can propose new forms of entertainment. To create a single piece of hardware, we have to do a lot of preparation several years in advance, so we are working non-stop. In the end, the deciding factor to market or not a product is whether it can create a new experience“, declared Furukawa.

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