Monday, November 28

Nintendo plans to adapt more games to movies, but it will be in a staggered fashion

Nintendo has removed its reluctance to adapt video games on the big screen and after the film of Super Mario that will premiere on December 21, 2022, animated by the Illumination studio (Minions, GRU: My favorite villain) others will arrive, although it will be in a staggered manner and studying each license well.

During the investor question and answer session, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto answered a question about the ability to see more movies of other characters. Miyamoto assured that this is the plan and that the movie of Mario it will be almost finished, with Nintendo satisfied by the result.

“The movie of Super Mario It is almost complete, the final touches are being worked on. We have a good feeling with it, but you have to be careful not to betray consumers and meet expectations, we will continue to polish the film, “reported Miyamoto according to analyst David Gibson.”We would like to adapt other licenses for movies, people should experience IPs in various ways. But we will go one by one, not all at the same time. “

Donkey Kong will be Nintendo’s next movie character

The fans who were waiting for a movie of The Legend of Zelda O Metroid It seems that they will have to keep waiting. The latest rumor ensures that Seth Rogen starring in an animated film by Donkey Kong, again in the hands of Illumination. Sources reveal that Rogen will appear in the movie Mario but only as secondary to, later, star in his solo adaptation.

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It is not too surprising that the gorilla is one of the first candidates in this Nintendo plan. Super Nintendo World in Japan will be expanded with an area dedicated to Donkey Kong and Miyamoto himself showed his satisfaction at seeing a space dedicated to the character behind Mario’s world. “The saga Donkey Kong started with an arcade game in 1981 and quickly captured the hearts of fans around the world, “Nintendo said of the series.” Since then the series has continued with more games on Nintendo platforms such as the Super Nintendo, Wii and Nintendo Switch. The saga has sold more than 65 million copies as of March 2021 worldwide. “

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