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Nintendo alerts of an error in the DLC of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This Friday, November 5, it was released Happy Home Paradise, the first and only payment expansion for Animal Crossing: New Horizons that arrives with new mechanics games, unidentified characters and lots of decorative items. However, the launch has been slightly overshadowed by a rare error that can affect the game, but that Nintendo has committed to correct sometime in November.

From the Twitter account of Nintendo Spain explain that the error can occur if you have the DLC when visiting the neighborhood management office to remodel the house of an insulan while the doors of the airfield are open. “We recommend that you do not try to remodel the fall of an insulan when the doors of the airfield are open,” they say.

“As long as they are closed, you will not suffer any problems with the departure when remodeling the houses of the Insulans. If you experience this problem, finish the game, close the game and start it again“. From Nintendo they clarify that this process “do not affect your save data” nor to the players who are visiting the island. Also, they apologize for the inconvenience and promise that “this month” they will release a patch.

The news of Happy Home Paradise

The option to remodel houses of the Insulans is just one of the novelties of Happy Home Paradise, which arrives next to the huge free update 2.0. The expansion, available for 24,99 euros on the Nintendo eShop and included in the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, it takes players to the Archipelago Paraso with the goal of creating dream vacation homes.

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Players will have to attend to customer requests to select a island between different ecosystems to place the house. Then you will have to customize the interior and exterior, the time of day, the weather and other details. By performing these tasks you will learn new design techniques, how to adjust the size of the rooms and add walls and pillars. Those skills can be used on the main island.

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