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Naruto: all tailed beasts, ranked by strength

The Tailed Beasts are among the most powerful creatures in Naruto, made of pure chakra. How strong are they compared to each other?

In the world of Naruto Tailed beasts are powerful creatures that possess enormous amounts of chakra, the primary energy that enables ninjas to perform all kinds of jutsu. These beasts were created by Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of the Six Paths, when he divided the Ten-Tails chakra into nine parts.

Being made solely of chakra, Tailed Beasts are known to have incredibly large reserves of that energy, earning them the title of “chakra monsters.” While all the tailed beasts on Naruto They are powerful, not all are equally strong. Their powers differ and some have shown greater strength than others.


The One-Tail, also known as Shukaku, is a powerful tailed beast that Naruto viewers first saw during the Chunin exam arc. Shukaku appears to be a beast made of sand and looks like a tanuki. In terms of chakra, it has an immense reserve.

His specialty is his impenetrable defense, and he takes great pride in this quality. Along with that, he can also attack using sand, as seen during his fight against Naruto Uzumaki. Furthermore, Shukaku also has the power of the Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai.


Matatabi, also called Two Tails, is the second tailed beast after Shukaku. It is a feline, so it has great flexibility and speed. Of all the tailed beasts, Matatabi may well be the fastest.

Matatabi is also capable of using Fire Release, and also grants this ability to his Jinchuriki. Like all other tailed beasts, he has an incredible amount of chakra and can also use the ball of the tailed beast to destroy everything around him.

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Isobu, also known as the Three-Tailed, is a powerful Tailed Beast that lived in Kirigakure. This beast possesses the special ability to use Water Release, which means that all of its Jinchuriki also gain this power. The scale in which he uses this is very different from that of a normal ninja, as his Jutsu has been shown to be strong enough to destroy cliffs with ease.

Furthermore, Isobu also possesses great defensive abilities, as expected of a turtle like her. In the anime, he also has some experience in Space-Time Ninjutsu, which makes him extremely versatile as a Tailed Beast.

Son Goku

Son Goku, the Four Tails, is an exceptionally powerful Tailed Beast. Son Goku is an ape and believes that he is much smarter than humans, something that was supported by his knowledge of the Rinnegan’s abilities.

He possesses tremendous strength and, most importantly, he has the power to use Lava Release Kekkei Genkai. Using his power, his Jinchuriki Roshi earned the title “Roshi of Lava Liberation.” Son Goku possesses the strongest Kekkei Genkai of all the Tailed Beasts, which makes him quite special.


Also known as the Five Tails, Kokuo was once in possession of Iwagakure. Kokuo is quite skilled in combat, as seen when he fought Gyuki, the eight-tailed beast.

Kokou also has the power of the Boil Release Kekkei Genkai, which makes him extremely dangerous in battle. This ability soon increases his powers to soaring limits, as seen when Naruto Uzumaki used it against Kaguya Otsutsuki and gained immense power.

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The Six Tails, also known as Saiken, were once inside Kirigakure’s Utakata. This tailed beast is exceptionally skilled in the art of releasing water, just like Isobu. However, what makes it special is its ability to use corrosive fluids in battle.

It is extremely dangerous to engage aiken in battle, although it is not aggressive by nature. A single touch of its corrosive fluid or gas can prove fatal, making it among the strongest tailed beasts.


The Seven Tails, Chomei, is a special Tailed Beast as it is the only one capable of flying. This Tailed Beast once lived in Takigakure within Fu, his Jinchuriki. With seven tails, Chomei is quite powerful in combat.

Chomei appears to possess blinding powers using her wings, as seen in fighting Kurama and Gyuki. In addition, it also uses other insect-like powers, such as biting. Sadly, most of his abilities remain unexplored to this day.


The Eight-tailed, also known as Gyuki, is easily one of the strongest tailed beasts in history. Gyuki lives inside Killer Bee and the two share a great bond with each other.

Gyuki possesses great physical strength, as seen throughout Naruto Shippuden. He was able to take down multiple tailed beasts at once. Although Gyuki has the power of Ink Creation, he rarely uses it in battle, because its use is hardly necessary. He can also create a powerful tailed beast ball that can destroy mountains with ease.


Of the nine tailed beasts, Kurama was by far the strongest. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, only half of Kurama’s power was enough to overpower five Tailed Beasts at once, proving how strong he really was.

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Kurama also believed that he was the strongest of all the Tailed Beasts due to having the most tails. All his power allowed Naruto Uzumaki to compete with people like Toneri Otsutsuki in battle and emerge victorious, it is no small thing.

Ten tails

Without a doubt, the Ten-Tailed is the strongest of all the Tailed Beasts. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, he finally came back to life and rampaged across the battlefield. The Ten Tails is stronger than all nine Tailed Beasts put together, and its powers cannot be compared to them.

Ten Tails can swallow oceans, destroy mountains, and is known to be strong enough to destroy an entire planet. There’s only one caveat: you can’t use your actual strength unless it’s sealed inside someone. It is probably for the best, otherwise it would pose too great a threat to understand.

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