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More clues suggest that Sly Cooper will return, but you will have to be patient | LevelUp

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The first generations of PlayStation shone a lot for the various franchises that Sony created to power their systems. Sly Cooper is one of those games, but sadly in recent years there has been a huge drought of projects around the series. The good news is that clues indicate that Sony is preparing the return of the series with a new game; the bad … you will have to wait a long time to play it.

Months ago, information began to circulate about a supposed new game of Sly Cooper, with which PlayStation would revive the series. So far, there is only unofficial information, but the positive is that more and more details appear that seem to reinforce the existence of the project.

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When will we know about the new hypothetical game of Sly Cooper?

Recently, there was more information about it and the person responsible for revealing it was the user KrowakiTv1, a video game developer, gamer, and streamer. An interesting detail is that the user said that he could confirm that the game is real, but what is discouraging is that it is in a very premature phase, since its development dates from the summer of 2021.

Thus, the fans of this series would have to be very patient, as it means that many months will pass without the project being confirmed. According to KrowakiTv1, PlayStation could release a teaser for the title in the middle of next year.

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PlayStation would intend to do a reboot of Sly Cooper

On the other hand, the user mentioned that the game would be called Sly Cooper 5 and that it is a fact that it would debut on PlayStation 5 and said that he is not sure if it will make it to PlayStation 4. Another interesting detail is that the title would serve as a complete restart of the franchise and that there would be plans to continue working on more deliveries.

Of course, we recommend you take this information as something unofficial and not get over excited. KrowakiTv1 is a user who is not known to have a history of leaks; however, that does not mean that you do not have a source that is giving you correct information. We say this because when asked if he knew something similar, the industry insider and co-founder of XboxEra, Shpeshal_Nick, supported what the user KrowakiTv1 said regarding the prematurity of the development and the possible teaser, but said he did not know if the title will be intergenerational, apart from that he does not yet know which studio is in charge of the development.

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What do you think of this new information about the supposed new game of Sly Cooper? Tell us in the comments.

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