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Live streaming: an immersive experience when playing online • Console and Dashboard

Digital technology and all the advances and innovations that are increasingly taking place allow us to play live and direct online roulette. It is no longer necessary to leave home or your favorite place to enjoy this traditional game that represents the casinos of the world. Behind all this development there are countless contributions that mark the progress of our era. Easier access, comfort and speed is the trend.

The huge technological leap of online roulette

From that remote roulette created in the seventeenth century, with all its trajectory through the most remote casinos on planet earth, to online roulette and all its current possibilities is a huge technological leap. Even in the online mode, the current casino roulette wheels differ from their initial presentations. Not only the graphics have changed, but also the speed.

In addition, the advances of the language of the World Wide Web in its fifth revision called HTML 5 (HyperText Markup Language, version 5) has been a facilitator of mobile casino software development, due to its impact on the transmission of videos and games.

Additionally, in recent years live and direct gaming has been incorporated into online casinos, which combines the physical world with the digital world. On the other hand, due to the massification of smartphones, the developers of all kinds of software have optimized their games so that they work properly on mobile devices.

In essence there are 3 main types of software in online casinos. One of them is the download software, which requires to be downloaded in advance on your mobile device or computer. The second software used is that used by online casinos, which allows you to play directly online from an internet connection. As a third type, we find those based on apps and that can be used on smart mobile devices.

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Random Number Generators (RNG)

In all cases, security and trust is key. Randomness as a characteristic that its creator, the mathematical and physical genius Blaise Pascal, gave it, through the perfect balance and the distribution of numbers to ensure the same chances of success for all players, is shielded through the RNGs.

Nowadays, all casinos use generators of random numbers known by its acronym in English RNG. This generator is based on complex algorithmic formulas, which ensure randomness and thus a fair game. They are a mathematical construction designed so that no type of distinguishable pattern is observed when generating the set of random numbers.

Random number generators guarantee fairness of games. The software that uses online roulette operates through RNGs regulated and certified by international organizations. The odds of winning are more accurate in online casinos than in traditional land based casinos.

The possibility of playing live and direct

A substantial element that changes and new settings have enabled is direct live play. Coming from other areas, there has been tremendous progress in broadcasting, studio features, and cameras.

The audiovisual advances and the transmission of multimedia content have been astonishing in recent decades, with a predilection of the new generations towards the field of videos, investments in this field have produced a myriad of innovations. Among them the evident progress of the application of streaming technology, and the possibility of establishing a continuous flow in the sending of data without the need for downloading.

In this sense, many of these developments have been introduced to overcome the limitations that prevented some players, especially the most conservative ones, from feeling comfortable playing virtual roulette through the screen. On the other hand, it is a very pleasant experience to play live, both due to the presence of real dealers and the quality of the transmission received.

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In addition, the online casino uses OCR software, which is an optical character recognition used in the medical field, resized for the technology of live casinos, in order to follow the roulette numbers and thus immediately announce the winners.

In live casinos the use of more powerful and sophisticated cameras has been included. These advances lead to the player feeling part of the action and immersed in the game. In addition, multiple cameras are used to capture the game from different perspectives. This combination of elements leads the player to feel immersed in the experience and emotion of the game. The most relevant thing is the organic experience and the satisfaction of the player when betting live and direct on roulette.

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