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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Mobile Game Generated $ 228M in 2 Months | LevelUp

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Although a section of the community may not like to admit it, the mobile market is very important for the video game industry. The foregoing is no wonder, as this sector has already proven to be extremely lucrative thanks to microtransactions and other monetization models. As proof of this we have the case of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, a title that generated multimillion-dollar profits in a short time.

According to the firm’s data Sensor Tower, NetEase’s mobile video game has generated an impressive $ 228 million on Google Play and the Apple App Store since its launch on September 9. It is important to note that this mobile title is only available in China, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong, which once again shows how important those regions are to the gaming industry.

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These revenues place Harry Potter: Magic Awakened as the second highest grossing mobile game in the franchise. To put it in context, Hogwarts Mystery It is the most lucrative title, generating close to $ 343 million since its launch in April 2018.

On the other hand, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, video game developed by the same study of Pokémon GO, only managed to generate $ 39.4 million since its launch in June 2019. Given this situation, Niantic and Warner Bros announced this week that the mobile title will close its doors early next year.

Finally, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is the mobile title of the franchise to have the best launch. In its first month, it generated an enviable $ 180.7 million. Compared, Hogwarts Mystery generated $ 32.6 million in its first month, while Wizards Unite did the same with $ 12.3 million.

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