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Genshin Impact: Estimated to be the highest-grossing game in year 1

Genshin Impact it’s an unstoppable money-making machine, basically. Developed by Chinese studio miHoYo, JRPG is on its way to becoming the top-grossing game in its first year, according to recent estimates. It is, in fact, on track to raise $ 4 billion. That will make him stay ahead of the first year of Titans as Fortnite or the also unbeatable Grand Theft Auto V. In fact, to give you an idea of ​​how gigantic user spending has been on this title: Pokmon GO, Niantic’s augmented reality title, is in last place.

Genshin Impact rises with the best first year

Putting the magnifying glass on the income of Genshin Impact, sources indicate that 2.1 billion is the amount of money that comes from mobile devices alone, not including the platforms of PlayStation, PC and third-party stores of the Android system. Right now, the highest estimate for the miHoYo game is $ 3.7 billion; but it is quite possible that this, rather than an estimate, is the actual figure obtained.

That being said, there are two readings that are made of the estimates and income from Genshin Impact: mobile revenue (excluding third-party Android apps in China) will account for 60% of total game revenue; leaving the remaining 40% (about $ 14 billion) of revenue in the hands of third-party Playstation, PC and Android applications. On the other hand, a more conservative perspective points out that the mobile income of Genshin Impact will actually represent 90% of the total.

$ 3.7 billion is the highest estimate for Genshin Impact

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Remember, after all, that not long ago we read that only on mobile phones Genshin Impact he had made a billion dollars in the span of 6 months. These huge numbers are best understood when we consider that the game bases its monetization mechanics on the same system as slot machines– Players use their “wishes” to obtain random characters and weapons. A highly criticized feature early in its debut.

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