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I remember when I heard for the first time that a video game included a Mexican character; It was around 1993 that Super Street Fighter II was released. I also remember my disappointment when I saw it for the first time and realized that it had very little Mexican in it. This was a first step to represent Mexico, a company that has progressed over the years, first with well-intentioned but catastrophic attempts, and others much more original and successful. In this way, when in the first mission of Forza Horizon 5 They entrust you to go find an old rusty car and that your first obstacle is a giant orange sign with the legend “WORK UNDER CONSTRUCTION”, you know immediately and without a doubt that you are in your land.

That simple gesture of Forza Horizon 5 welcomes you to Mexico, with an effective message that firmly demonstrates that the location visited this year was understood and that the impossible will be done to represent it perfectly, beyond choosing the essential locations and that the horizon gives the impression of that you are in that place. Without this fundamental element, monuments, roads and picturesque villages could be relegated to dangerous irrelevance. For example, you know that you are in Mexico when the little fields are surrounded by gray concrete block fences; because the houses have iron railings with ornaments; when you see that on the roofs of the houses there is a Rotoplas; or when a lonely public telephone is in the middle of a public square for no apparent reason. It is not only about filling the horizon with cacti and nopales, or hanging colored confetti in the streets and saying that you are in Mexico. It’s about paying real attention, because the devil is in the details. Yes, this is Mexico. All this tells me that a lot of attention was paid even in the slightest. I feel back to that moment in 1993, but now the feeling is one of joy and pleasure, because justice was done to Mexico.

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Forza Horizon 5, developed by Playground Games in conjunction with Turn 10 Studios, starts off on a very high note. What follows is to capture the attention of the player with a proven game system, and that, this time, reaches an almost perfect degree. If you are a regular in the series, you know that Forza Horizon It is far from being a 100% simulator and it is not a 100% arcade game either. It is an intermediate point, accessible, with relaxed driving rules, however, it is not shy when you ask the simulation to increase the difficulty and the rewards. At the same time, you know that the formula is in the open world full of activities and that the context is the Horizon Festival. The difference is that the days where you were a rising star are long gone; now you arrive in Mexico as a legend of the steering wheel who does not need any proof to prove his capabilities.

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The Horizon Festival in Mexico is pure fun full of challenges in multiple disciplines, whose progress consists of completing activities to decide what is the next step for the festival, inaugurating circuit, street, off-road and dirt racing competitions. There are also expeditions, which are the ways of knowing the different disciplines and are missions with simple objectives to fulfill, in addition to other races with some colorful element, such as a competition against jet skis. At the end of each discipline, a challenge of biblical proportions awaits you, such as the Goliath race, the Titan, the Colossus, etc. The normal in any case, is that during your first hours you are bombarded by announcements and invitations to unlock more activities and races. In addition, there is time to organize a small series of challenges that are introduced as short campaigns. For example, the first to greet you is a nostalgic journey that leads you to understand the mysticism behind the VW Beetle, known as the vocho.

“Forza Horizon 5 is a content monster”

There comes a time in adventure where the massive amount of events totally overwhelms you. Your screen will be filled with icons that say NEW all over the place. Everywhere you go you will find something to do, from common racing events, classic experience ads you need to shoot down, to stunts, jumps, speed traps and drift challenges. No amount or variety was spared. There is a flavor of activity for every player. And, as if that were not enough, the challenges created by the community are added through the Event Lab that has the ability to even create new racing genres thanks to a set of basic rules, and multiplayer activities that frequently appear on the map such as part of the Horizon Arcade, which invites participants to various simple challenges such as breaking piñatas, knocking down junk, and much more. Of course, there are other relevant challenges such as the Eliminator (battle royale) and the Super 7. Together, Forza Horizon 5 is a delivery that invites you and keeps you behind the wheel, always competing, finding and overcoming challenges for hours and hours. Here, boredom is prohibited. It is a delivery that you will enjoy for a long time.

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The map quickly fills up with activities

It’s not all, as there are seasonal challenges that are more than remedies to keep you busy. In them, variety is encouraged by demanding requirements, for example, some ask for a particular car category, others a brand or its classification (off-road, circuit, muscular American, etc.). The above motivates you and even requires you to test different cars and constantly tune them in order to enter the temporary challenges to accumulate points and collect the rewards. It is also notable that the seasons follow the calendar; for example, it is currently summer, so many events have a rain warning.

To all of the above are added the online and community systems of Forza Horizonlike the Drivatars of your friends who join you in solo races, leaderboards that encourage healthy competition, the auction house for the strangest cars, and the community contributions to find the best car tunes and the best cars. more attractive body designs. In addition, Forza Link is added, a feature built into the browser for players to join in groups to participate in events and activities. Forza Horizon 5 it’s a content monster.

Of course we have to talk about the cars. Forza Horizon 5 has the widest range of vehicles: more than 500! They are unlocked by completing challenges, buying them at the autoshow, winning them on the wheel of luck and finding them in hidden barns. Cars arrive in droves, and they are all highly detailed. It’s a joy to drive in the first person, as the details on the dash are incredible. On the outside they are also impressive and look better on Forzavision. The reason is that Forza Horizon 5 It is a delivery with a high visual level, an example of a technical mastery of the developer; It is incredible wherever you want to see it and much of this feeling is born in part because the representation of Mexico is visually varied, vibrant and full of life.

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Great details outside and inside the cabin
Great details outside and inside the cabin

Of all the experience, perhaps the only thing that remains to be owed is the soundtrack, because it gives us the feeling that it is short and scarce. As the hours pile up, it’s monotonous to hear the same songs over and over again. Regarding the variety, I dare to say that it is very well chosen and contains the viral artists of the moment who sound incessantly on social networks and the radio. Perhaps because of the proximity we have with the United States, the soundtrack does not feel alien, however, the lack of traditional regional music suffers. The latter is a simple whim because it would have been great to have a mariachi sounded while traveling through the desert, that a corrido begins as you run along a highway or that a Veracruz son sounds while exploring the ruins. I think a unique, unrepeatable opportunity was lost.

In this way, Forza Horizon 5 is maybe the best Forza Horizon That has been created. It is more of the same, but much better. It is a title made to be played with friends and strangers thanks to the implementation of systems that encourage the interaction of the participants. It’s the racing game for everyone, inviting and leading outsiders to the racing genre to become fans of speed, and for those who are already fans, it offers an almost endless variety of activities and challenges. Also very remarkable is the representation of the territory that is visited, Mexico, which offers vibrant landscapes full of incredible details that only those who live in Mexico will recognize. It is an indispensable and highly recommended game.

Safety pin!
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