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First details of the animated series of Devil May Cry for Netflix: Episodes, characters …

We have known since 2018 that Netflix and Capcom are collaborating on a new animation series of Devil May Cry, but there are few details that we have had of this project since then. On IGN Japn have been able to interview their producer, Adi Shankar, which is also responsible for the adaptations of Castlevania and Far Cry: Blood Dragon for the platform streaming. It is thanks to that talk that we have been able to know new details of the series.

Adi Shankar has confirmed that the most iconic characters of the franchise will be in this adaptation animated of Devil May Cry: “I can confirm that Vergil is in it, as well as Lady, and of course also Dante,” he assured. At least they will appear in the first season, which will be made up of eight episodes whose scripts are already written in collaboration with Alex Larsen: “The scripts for the first season are already done. They are radical. I could not be more excited.”

“It is a real pleasure working with Capcom”

In addition to Larsen, the adaptation of Devil May Cry has had the collaboration of Hiroyuki Kobayashi, veteran Capcom producer, a company that according to Shankar has collaborated in depth with this project: “The entire team, both the manager and the creative team, has been incredibly kind and supportive. Kobayashi-san has been wonderful. It is a real pleasure to work with. Capcom. His character library is unlike anything he has gathered. “

Of course, this adaptation does not intend to stay with a single season, but they have planned a narrative arc that would be told over several as already happened with the series of Castlevania on Netflix. For now, you have to go step by step, since this project It hasn’t even gone into production yet: it won’t until early 2022According to Shankar, so we’ll have to wait a few more months to see how it progresses and find out its release date.

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