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Encyclopedia, travel the world documenting birds and beasts

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Encyclopedia is the new title from Olivier Melison and Eric Dubus, the designer couple responsible for Museum of 2019. This new board game, set in the 19th century, will follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and seek the funding necessary to become a reality on kickstarter in December.

Encyclopedia is a board game designed for 1 to 4 players, who step into the role of aspiring naturalists hoping to make a name for themselves by publishing research on animals from around the world.

The Earl of Buffon, Darwin’s predecessor, has commissioned players to help create the world’s first Encyclopedia of Natural History. However, not all contributions are created equal, and all must compete for the highest prestige by gathering notes that are both thorough and well-organized.

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Encyclopedia features a worker and dice placement mechanic. On their turns, players will roll their dice and place them on specific actions, such as studying previously captured animals or mounting an expedition to the most remote corners of the planet.

Encyclopedia, a dice management game with tons of strategies and options to achieve victory

The geographic region where the dice are placed, along with the color and value, will affect the results of each action. The money obtained from the sale of the research can be invested in increasing the value of the print runs.

Also, notes that can describe a creature’s habitat, climate, diet, and taxonomy will make the most valuable discoveries. Presenting animals that share traits also increases their value, so taking time to explore specific regions or complete a comprehensive treatise on the birds of a particular location can be a winning strategy.

Players have the opportunity to change the composition of their collection if their luck with the dice is not favorable. They can of course also steal their colleague’s work using one of their dice. Although this will give the victim a small advantage, so risk and reward will have to be carefully weighed. A reputation system will gradually grant legitimate benefits that could alter the dice or provide other bonuses.

Players can also count on cheap labor to carry out their expeditions, they can visit the embassy or the academy to optimize their current strategy.

Cards from the Encyclopedia board game

The embassy will change the colors of the dice to better suit the region in which they have invested resources, while the academy will offer experts so that they can support a new expedition or an ongoing exam with their own research.

Encyclopedia is co-designed by Olivier Melison y Eric Dubus, authors of Dominations in addition to Museum, the game features illustrations by Ronan Toulhoat, Jérémie Prugneaux y Joëlle Drans that bring 75 creature cards to life in a style that matches the themes of the field journal and natural sciences.

Encyclopedia will be published by Holy Grail Games, which also handled Dominations, Rallyman: GT and Rallyman: Dirt, Rising 5.

Holy Grail Games will seek to obtain the necessary funding to produce the game through a crowdfunding campaign on the kickstarter platform. The campaign will begin on December 16 and, probably, it will be when we discover the price, the date of delivery to the patrons or if the title will have an edition in Spanish.

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