Monday, November 28

Elden Ring could have two graphics modes on PS5 and Xbox Series to choose between 4K or 60 fps

Yesterday we were able to see a lot of new information from Elden Ring accompanying an extensive video of its gameplay. One of the most relevant things was the opening of the game reserve both in physical and digital format, as well as its collector’s editions. Precisely in the data sheet of the latter in the American store GameStop A technical detail seems to have slipped in that neither Bandai Namco nor FromSoftware have revealed yet: the performance of this new game in PS5 y Xbox Series X/S.

Tender Elden Ring two graphics modes on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S?

Apparently, following the trend of many other titles, Elden Ring It could have two graphic modes in new generation consoles. Those wishing to embark on this mysterious and challenging journey from their PS5 or Xbox Series X / S will have to choose between a quality mode play the game up to 4K resolution or a performance mode that prioritizes fluency to achieve 60 fps. This, as we say, is information offered by the Gamestop page in the United States and has not been officially confirmed by those responsible for the game, so it may not end up being that way.

While we wait for Bandai Namco and FromSoftware to confirm (or deny) these features, we can only wait until next week to see how it performs. Elden Ring in its closed beta, of which precisely today we have known the five classes that we can try. As this is a preliminary version of the game, to really see how it performs you will have to wait a little longer, until the end of the game. February 25, date when it will be officially available (and without Spanish dubbing) on ​​PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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