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eFootball 2022 finally improved its animations and fixed all these errors | LevelUp

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eFootball 2022 continues to speak for its unfortunate release that disappointed fans of PES and soccer in general. Konami gave bad news recently, delaying version 1.0 of the game until spring 2022, so players will have to wait a long time for new content.

Fortunately, the studio kept their word and released update 0.9.1 today, which fixes animations and many other issues that have been reported since launch. So, you can now download it on all consoles and PC.

It is an update with a considerable number of changes, so below we will talk about the most important ones and we will share a list of the settings.

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What improvements came to eFootball 2022 with patch 0.9.1?

In theory, your experience with eFootball 2022 It should be a lot better starting today, as the 0.9.1 update addresses the major issues that ruined the experience at launch.

For starters, Konami confirmed that it has already resolved the issue with player facial animations, so they will now look natural and will not produce funny or grotesque effects.

It also removed the effects that made some graphics of the players or the ball look weird, and adjusted the movement speed of the ball and footballers. Also, goal celebrations will now look better, as players will not behave strangely.

On the other hand, the ball will no longer go through players and camera changes will have no unexpected effects. Konami cautioned that some of the issues may continue to occur sporadically, but they will continue to work to correct the game in full.

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Next, we leave you the most important optimizations of update 0.9.1 already available on all platforms:

  • Players will no longer appear sliding on the ground during the match
  • Players will no longer run unnaturally during a goal celebration
  • Player models will not distort and their movements will be natural when colliding with each other
  • Fouls will be scored correctly
  • The ball will no longer pass through a player’s body during the match
  • The speed of response to commands will not decrease during the match
  • The speed of the ball and the movement of the players will not decrease during the match.
  • No trophies or achievements will be obtained without previously completing the requirements
  • Advertising in matches will be displayed correctly
  • Characters will not suddenly disappear during goal scenes
  • The game will not quit unexpectedly
  • In the cutscenes before the game starts, the players will appear correctly
  • The lighting and graphic elements of the menus will be displayed well
  • Players’ arms will not appear overlapping in national anthem scenes
  • Replays will display well, without unexpected sweeping effects
  • Goalkeepers will hit the ball correctly on goal kicks
  • The camera will be stable on replays
  • Players will not be caught in the net of the goal when celebrating a goal close to it
  • 2 or more balls will not appear during replays in a match
  • Timeouts will not be extended if a player disconnects right after matchmaking is complete

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eFootball 2022 is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. It will later debut for mobile devices with iOS and Android. Find more about the franchise in this link.

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