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Devil May Cry Anime Producer Confirms Chris Pratt Will Not Be Dante | LevelUp

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Chris Pratt, the actor who plays Star Lord in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, seems to be everywhere. It will be Mario in the movie Super Mario Bros. and will also give voice to a new version of Garfield. However, there is something that could not be: Dante of Devil May Cry.

As you know, Devil May Cry will have an anime and will hit Netflix at some point in the future. Its producer will be Adi Shankar, known for the excellent animated series of Castelvania. Recently, this eccentric creative sat down to chat with IGN Japan to discuss his project starring Dante.

In the talk, Shankar confirmed that in his anime of Devil May Cry We will see Vergil, Lady and Dante. He also assured that, contrary to what trends could indicate, Chris Pratt will not be the one chosen to give life to Dante.

“I can confirm that Vergil is inside, also Lady and of course Dante the same. I can also confirm that Chris Pratt will not be any of these characters, ”said Shankar.

Anime of Devil May Cry seems to be on the right track

Outside of that, Shankar also made statements that seem to indicate that the anime of Devil May Cry is on the right track. The thing is, he’s been working closely with Capcom and says the process has been great.

“All the team of [Capcom]Both the administrative and creative sides have been very supportive and great. [Hiroyuki Kobayashi] it’s been great. Capcom has been a joy to work with, ”explained the producer.

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The anime of Devil May Cry it will have a first season that will consist of 8 chapters. That said, Shankar’s illusion is that he has the opportunity to do more seasons. We’ll see what Shankar, Netflix and Capcom are preparing for us.

What do you think about this new? Do you think it makes sense that Chris Pratt doesn’t play any of these characters? Tell us in the comments.

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