Sunday, December 4

Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja, ready to hit Steam • Console and Dashboard

Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja it’s ready to hit PC, via Steam. Thanks to Aiya Games, this platform game in which speed and frenzy prevail when it comes to moving, lands on the Valve platform. With just the mouse, we can enjoy the challenge that is offered to us.


In this novelty, the key is the skill of the player. The speed with which we will have to avoid enemies and platforms seems vital to overcome the challenges. With a cyberpunk setting (yes, in two dimensions) and with music that complements the setting, we will have to get out of labyrinths full of dangers, by means of quick movements of the mouse.

Everything is presented under a cloak of revenge. It is not for less, since the protagonist seeks to bite the dust to those who made him find his circuits in a robot graveyard. As in the genre, bosses are essential, oversizing the experience when reaching them.

Finding a way to end them is a challenge that will make the frustration that it will cause us escape us more than once. The learning curve is fast, with which, we will know how to play in no time. However, mastering it is another story. Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja the November 10 to PC, via Steam.

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