Monday, November 28

Bloober Team works on a new next-gen game for PC and consoles with Rogue Games

Bloober Team, responsible for games like The Medium O Blair Witch, has announced a collaboration agreement with Rogue Games, a studio made up of veterans Sony, Activision, Apple or Electronic Arts. This second study is specialized in mobile games mainly (in fact they are those behind WipeOut Rush, the title that combines ship races with letters), but in this case it has been confirmed that the project consists of a game for next generation consoles and PC.

No further details have been given about this joint project, but Matt Casamassina, CEO of Rogue Games, has spoken of it being a “cool and crazy concept”: “We have admired Bloober’s dark and beautiful games for years, so we knew immediately that they were the only team that could do this justice. cool and crazy concept. Today is not the day, as unforgettable, original and great games take time and care, but we are eager to announce the details of this project in the future. “

Piotr Babieno, CEO of Bloober Team, also wanted to celebrate the announcement of this collaboration: “We could not be more excited to collaborate with Rogue Games on this incredible project. We are proud to create games that push the limits of originality and immersion, and we are delighted to be working with a company that shares our vision. “

How many projects does Bloober Team have underway?

The Polish Study Bloober Team, whose majority shareholder is Tencent, seems to be on the crest of the wave: at the beginning of the year it launched The Medium for Xbox Series X / S and PC, a title that has also reached PS5, and in mid-2021 announced a collaboration with Konami of which it was said that it could be a new Silent Hill. The study itself denied these rumors by clarifying that they have two active projects, although we do not know if these two include this new collaboration with Rogue Games or if there are now three projects in which they work.

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