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ACNH: All Brewster Furniture Items Included in Update

We take a look at all the furniture related to The Roost and some of the ones we miss from New Leaf.

Nintendo finally showed the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons update. It gives us Brewster and much more. Sadly, what the new Roost lacks is the ability to work there like you did at New Leaf and earn exclusive furniture. These were part of the “Cafe Series” and could only be obtained by working shifts at The Roost and getting a certain number of orders correctly.

However, this time things are different. Some cafe related furniture was already included in the game before The Roost was added. Others that are seemingly missing were quite memorable in previous games and added to your décor. Outside of the furniture, it no longer seems like you can carry a cup of coffee or even a bean bag. However, people are creative and will undoubtedly find ways around it. Here is the list of what is and is not included.

Missing: Brewster style gyroids

Thanks to the latest Animal Crossing Direct we know that Gyroids are about to make a comeback in a big way, the big question is Will the Brewtoids return? They were apparently absent during the brief scene in the trailer, so it’s very up in the air above them.

They were by far the hardest items to obtain in New Leaf and came in four different varieties, tall, mega, mini, and Brewstoid. They all looked amazing when on display, so we will surely miss them.

Included: coffee mug

What would a coffee be without your classic cup of coffee? Fortunately, this article is no longer tied to working for Brewster and is already included in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Rather than getting stuck on a single variation, New Horizons also offers us a few more options to suit style and taste.

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You can purchase mugs through Nook Shopping in the ABD, as a random item for sale at Nooks Cranny, or they can even be found shaking trees. Of course, you will have to catalog all the different variations offered in the game to unlock the style you want. The coffee mug is also great for recreating your own in-game restaurant.

Included: Cream and Sugar

Another classic staple of any coffee is, of course, cream and sugar. Fortunately, this was also already included in New Horizons at launch and is also available in a few different variations. Its appearance in the most recent Animal Crossing title also appears much more realistic and streamlined.

Again, Timmy and Tommy frequently offer them for sale, as well as in the Nook Shopping catalog. Please be on the lookout every day for all the designs.

Missing: coffee beans

Now this particular article used to bring you some extra bells if you stocked up on them to do a good job at The Roost. Currently, they are not on New Horizons at all.

Back at New Leaf, there were three different varieties, each with different values. Normal sells for 500 bells, Good sells for 1000 bells, and Superb would bring you 2000 bells. This could give you some quick and easy bells. If Nintendo chooses to sneak in with Brewster, it would complete the coffee game.

Included: espresso machine

One key item any barista needs is their trusty Espresso Maker and New Horizons gave it a stylish update this time. It looks like something you would find in any local coffee shop or even at home with a similar design to many popular machines.

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It reflects the modern world’s love of coffee, especially homemade drinks, and it fits well in both your home and a café, making it a versatile option. It even has different color swatches and is available for sale at Nook’s Cranny and Nook Store.

Coffee grinder included

A true coffee connoisseur grinds their beans fresh before preparing them and that’s exactly what Brewster does at The Roost. A more classic style of making coffee without a doubt, but a great item to have in your collection. Details have been improved for New Horizons. Now you can interact with him and watch him grind the coffee.

Again, this is an item that can be easily purchased at Nook’s Cranny or Nook Store, and it has a couple of different variations.

Missing: coffee maker

A staple in both Animal Crossing and real life is the classic coffee maker. Nothing makes this piece stand out unless it is an exclusive reward. So far it doesn’t exist on New Horizons either, but that’s not a huge loss, as when displayed it doesn’t stand out too well compared to the other items in the coffee series.

It just came in boring white color and it won’t be missed. Perhaps if you add to New Horizons at a later date, you will also receive multiple variations and a fancier design update.

Included: Coffee uniform

One of the most stylish and cool items you can wear while working at The Roost was the cafe uniform. Although it is no longer possible to work, the uniform prevails. New Horizons completely simplified the look, adding more variety of colors. They also took the time to make it look much more elegant and stylish.

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Of course, this garment took a lot of correct orders to get it from New Leaf. Now just head over to the Able Sisters store and you can buy one in your preferred color and wear it whenever you want.

Included: Espresso machine on the stove

This item is an espresso machine, but it looks and feels quite different compared to the sleek New Horizons version. When New Leaf came out, it was the only option available. Now it’s an added bonus.

Again, this is for sale at a number of stores and can be a simpler alternative to coffee at home if the huge, complicated espresso machine isn’t your style.

Missing: Siphon

The siphon is one of the odd-looking pieces of furniture in the collection. If you don’t like coffee, you might not even know what it is. This piece of furniture is also classified as “historic” and fashionable by the Happy Home Association.

Only available on New Leaf, it hasn’t made its debut yet either and probably never will. Of all the cafeteria items, this is most likely just a decoration at The Roost in New Horizons.

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