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15 best games on Sega’s master system

The Sega Master System was home to some amazing games and these titles are must-have games for anyone who owns it.

the Sega Master System It was initially released in North America in 1986, just under a year after the Nintendo Entertainment System’s NA launch. The Sega console had improved hardware compared to the NES, although it was unable to compete commercially with the Nintendo console in North America and Japan. However, the Master System was successful in Europe, helping to secure the launch of the Sega Genesis (known as the Sega Mega Drive outside of North America) just three years later.

Due to Sega’s eventual inability to compete with Nintendo and Sony that pulled them out of the console market, many gamers today overlook their home consoles. This is a mistake for any fan of retro games, as the Mega System had numerous excellent releases that can still be enjoyed today. To praise these games, here are some of the best Sega Master System games.

Updated November 4, 2021 by Jack Pursey: Sega’s retro consoles have had an unexpected focus on them recently, following the inclusion of Sega Genesis in the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, which has been criticized for its anti-consumer pricing and perceived lack of effort to port the games. . Still, the expansion has a great selection of games, and it could see a huge crowd of players wanting to try more retro titles.

For those looking to try out some more classic games, the Sege Genesis predecessor, the Sega Master System, offers some great options. Therefore, we have updated this list with five other entries, to highlight some of the best Master System games.

California Games

From 1987 California Games was developed by Epyx, who were best known at the time for their Summer games and Winter Games Serie’. As the name suggests, California Games implements a variety of casual outdoor sports that were popular in California during the 1980s. Playable sports are:

  • BMX

  • Frisbee

  • Footbag

  • Half tube

  • Roller skating

  • Surf

Like most critically acclaimed sports games of the 1980s, California Games ” The gameplay is very simplistic, especially compared to modern sports games, but it offers tight-knit and balanced gameplay that is still completely fun today.

Type R

Type R is a side scrolling shooter game developed by Irem. The game was first released on Arcades in 1987, before hitting the Master System the following year.

Like most coin-operated arcade shooter games, Type R it is brutally difficult, to ensure that players cannot have too much playing time for their coin. Due to the frequency with which players repeated the opening sections, the first boss Dobkeratops became an iconic villain during the 1980s.

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Shinobi it is the third consecutive entry on this list that was initially released in 1987. The Sega game enjoyed enormous commercial success and soon became one of the highest-grossing titles of its year. Shinobi It was soon released on the Master System and the NES, before reaching home computers. Just over a decade after its release, the hack and slash game was released on the Nintendo Wii virtual console and Xbox Live Arcade.

ShinobiThe success also sparked a series of long-running games, the most recent being Shinobi for Nintendo 3DS which returned to stores in 2011.

Out of execution

Out of execution It was initially released in 1986 and immediately stood out for its beautiful, sunny visuals that looked way above most games at the time.

Out of executionHowever, visuals weren’t the only feature that raised the bar for gaming at the time, as the Sega game also pioneered high-quality game soundtracks and non-linear gameplay. Out of executionThe efforts were recognized by the Golden Joystick Awards, which awarded the game its prestigious award for Best Game of the Year.

Golden Ax Warrior

Golden Ax Warrior was released in 1991 by Sega and was a derivative of the popular Golden ax series, which predominantly featured a hacking game and side scrolling bar.

Golden Ax WarriorHowever, it is a top-down adventure game that makes no apologies for how much it resembles the groundbreaking first entry in the game. The legend of Zelda series that first hit stores in 1986. Although the game does not reach The legend of ZeldaFor its quality, it was still a solid attempt at the same formula that offered a decent alternative to Master System owners.

Operation Wolf

Operation Wolf It was initially released on the Sega Mega System in Europe in 1990, before arriving in North America the following year. The game had previously been released in arcades and on the NES and was highly anticipated by Mega System owners, following continued praise from fans and critics. In fact, the game was awarded the 1989 Golden Joystick Awards Game of the Year Award, beating the highly regarded runner-up Starglider II.

Road rash

With the awesome trailer by Forza Horizon 5 which was recently shown at E3, it’s easy to forget just how far in-game visuals have come during the industry’s relatively short lifespan thus far. Road rash It may not hold up visually, but its simple yet addictive gameplay is still very much enjoyed today, along with its extreme violence that adds interesting dynamics to the racing mechanics.

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The Sega Genesis version of Road rash It was developed and published by industry giants Electronic Arts, who recently made big waves in the racing game genre following their acquisition of Codemasters.

Prince of Persia

The original Prince of Persia It was first released on the Apple II in 1989, before hitting the Sega Master System three years later.

Prince of Persia It is considered to be the first cinematic platformer ever released and consequently had a major influence on the platformer genre. The game not only greatly influenced other cinematic platformers like the iconic Another world, but its influence can also be seen more indirectly in critically acclaimed modern releases such as Limbo, inside, and Little nightmares.

Alex Kidd in the miraculous world

Following the release of the legendary Super Mario Bros. In 1985, the gaming industry soon underwent a sea change in direction as studios attempted to capitalize on the enormous commercial and critical success of Nintendo’s mascot platformer.

One of those releases was Alex Kidd in the miraculous world, which hit stores in 1986. Although Sonic the Hedgehog is remembered as Sega’s response to Mario, era Alex Kidd who first tried to compete with his platform game style that did not hide his influences from the original Super Mario Bros. Coincidentally, a new version of Alex Kidd in the miraculous world It will be launched on June 22, 2021 in Brazil; before launching around the world two days later.

Psycho Fox

Following the previous entry, Psycho Fox was another of Sega’s attempts to dethrone Mario from the head of the platformer genre before Sonic the Hedgehog It was released in 1991 and finally offered real competition.

Psycho Fox did not approach MarioThe commercial success, although it offered some interesting ideas, notably the ability to switch between characters offering different abilities. This concept of transforming into different characters or having interchangeable abilities is still seen in the platformer genre today, with Crash Bandicoot 4: About Time and Kaze and the savage masks being two recent examples.

Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse it was one of Sega’s numerous attempts to challenge Nintendo with the use of recognizable IPs. Along with Mickey Mouse, the game also featured many other iconic Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy.

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Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse It didn’t try to reinvent the wheel and kept its core gameplay very similar to other respected platforming titles of the time. Although it lacked innovation, the game was very well received by fans and critics and was considered one of the best platformer releases of the early ’90s.

The Lucky Dime Caper starring Donald Duck

Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse It wasn’t the only Sega Master System release that focused on one of Disney’s most iconic characters, as Donald Duck received his own game two years before the aforementioned. Land of illusion.

The game was also released on Game Gear and had some differences from the Master System version, including platform and enemy positions, along with changes to the star system.


Asterix it was another attempt by Sega to find success in the platforming genre by using a popular IP. The franchise began as a comic book series in the 1950s, before expanding into other forms of media such as film, television, and, of course, games.

AsterixThe game franchise has recently had a new breath of life, following the remastering of Asterix y Obelix XXL 2 in 2018 and the launch of Asterix & Obelix XXL 3: The Crystal Menhir in 2019.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog was the last game released for the Mega System in North America, after the Sega Genesis was released in 1989. The version that was released on the Mega System was the 8-bit iteration, which differed from the 16-bit version of the Sega Genesis in a handful of ways.

Differences include Chaos Emeralds that are in regular stages rather than specific levels, Sonic cannot re-collect rings after taking damage, and the stages are simplified with no vertical loops.

Fantasy Star

the Fantasy Star serie is best known to gamers today for free play Phantasy Star Online 2 and the recently released shared universe game Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

The original Fantasy Star was first released on the Mega System in the late 1980s, before reaching many other consoles from the Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance, and PlayStation 2. The RPG received high praise from fans and critics and helped Sega win. ground at Nintendo. However, the ground gained was limited, since Fantasy Star had the unfortunate moment to be released in Japan just two days before the original Final Fantasy.

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