Saturday, November 26

Superheroes Academy, real-time strategy for PC • Console and Dashboard

Strategy Forge presenta Superheroes Academy, title that proposes us to direct our own superhero organization. The real-time strategy will be part of the proposal.


No date for the moment, it is known that this novelty will arrive on PC during 2022. The player will run his own agency and academy, which will involve the construction of bases, the development of infrastructures and the hiring of heroes that the world needs.

The possibilities do not end there, since it will be necessary to train students, help those in need and, ultimately, save the world. We will equip our boys and then send them to the fight the villains on duty.

Under the motto “no task is too small for a true superhero”, we will also use prestige and fame to shoot blockbuster movies, sell all kinds of merchandising and, ultimately, build the most powerful agency. You have to finance yourself with something!

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