Saturday, November 26

Announced DUBIUM, a multiplayer deduction • Console and Dashboard

MUMO STUDIO presents DOUBT, a project that is defined as a game of social deduction. Its managers have 20 years of experience in the development of video games, having worked in Black Desert Online, Boxing Star and Dead to Rights, among others.


This novelty will be released on PC throughout 2022, through the early access system. The announcement is completed with a presentation video, which reveals part of the world through which we will move.

Up to five players will tour a sci-fi universe in the not-too-distant future. The mission will be to escape from an abandoned station, with cooperation as a fundamental tool. It will be the way to repair the solar panels, responsible for maintaining the escape pod.

To complicate the existence, there will be a traitor in the group. He will be the one who sabotages the efforts, hiding his identity. Therefore, betrayals and deception they will be part of the experience in a challenge in which everyone wants to get out alive, at any cost. It will be governed under the slogan “trust no one.” It will be very soon when it hits Kickstarter.

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