Saturday, November 26

Among Trees makes the leap to Steam with its final version • Console and Dashboard

After passing through the Epic Games Store, Among Trees prepares to hit Steam. It will launch on the platform on November 10, coinciding with the departure of early access. Thus, it will expand the options of testing it to PC users.


FJRD Interactive reveals how early access has served to add various new features to the game, such as fishing, a fox companion, a brewery, or extra loot and decorations.

We are facing an adventure of exploration, in the middle of nature, in which to look for materials and tools. They will be the ones that allow you to turn a small cabin into a warm home. The survival it will depend on our ability to grow food and cook it.

We will move through forests and dark caves, while we build the perfect cabin. It will be the one that allows us to unlock skills, such as gardening or sewing. Dangerous animals will roam the territory, so it is recommended to keep your distance. In return, we will adopt a fox as a pet.

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