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Quentin Tarantino to auction 7 previously unreleased scenes from ‘Pulp Fiction’

  • The technology used will keep the images hidden from the public as well as the identity of those who acquire the new material.

The famous filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was one of the most valued screenwriters in the 90s. In the same way, his script for ‘Pulp Fiction’ It is also one of the most widely read in history, especially by young writers looking for inspiration. Now, thanks to Tarantino, some fans will be lucky enough to be able to get exclusive content from the movie.

The screenwriter becomes the latest celebrity to enter the new art market NFT (non-exchangeable goods) and has done so with a auction of seven unpublished scenes shot for his 1994 film ‘Pulp Fiction’. Film materials are offered at Open Sea, the world’s largest market for these transactions.

The content will be sold as ‘NFTs secretos’, “built on the secret network, using a new kind of technology that can keep images hidden from the public “, has explained SCRT Labs, the company that has developed this technology. And, in addition, they not only protect the content, but also the identity of those who acquire the scenes. “Secret Network [la empresa que opera en la red secreta] and las Secret NTFs They provide a whole new world of connection with fans and artists, and I’m excited to be a part of it, “said Tarantino.

The filmmaker’s offer includes several original handwritten film scripts starring Uma Thurman and John Travolta, as well asor exclusive audio commentary from Tarantino himself that “reveal secrets about the film and its creator,” as reported by the Secret Network. “I am very excited to present to lovers of ‘Pulp Fiction’ these exclusive scenes”, has revealed the scriptwriter in a statement, in which he added: “The secret content itself is unique, it has never been seen or heard before.”

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To verify ownership and authenticity, non-fungible tokens will be encoded with Tarantino’s signature, allowing original versions of popular content on the internet to be sold as pieces of art.

‘Pulp Fiction’ has become one of Tarantino’s most popular films, since, with a production budget of approximately 8.6 million euros, he had earnings of about 185 million. In addition, the cinematographic work won a Oscar Award for Best Original Screenplay in 1994.

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After the filmmaker’s announcement about the auction, the price of SCRT (Secret Network’s listing), has risen to a 14%, standing at an unprecedented value of 8.6 euros, and the daily transaction volume of the cryptocurrency has increased by 95% in 24 hours. It can be considered that the secrets hidden between the seven unreleased scenes will be almost as coveted as Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase.

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