Sunday, December 4

Pikmin Bloom debuts on mobile devices • Console and Dashboard

Accompanied by a launch trailer, Pikmin Bloom It is already a reality on iOS and Android devices, through the App Store and Google Play. Nintendo proposes us to go out for a walk accompanied by these charming creatures.


This new relationship between fantasy and the real world proposes us to walk while we keep beautiful memories. At each hike, we will gather our platoon, embarking on a journey where “every step counts.”

As we walk, new Pikmin will be born. It is not for less, since the seedlings from which they are born develop with movement. Once they have grown enough, they will have to be plucked for the Pikmin company. On the way home, they will be useful for pick the fruit.

We will take the petals from their heads to plant you on the street. The result will be a trail of flowers, capable of bringing color to the darkest day. We will have a record of the steps and the route traveled at the end of each day, while keeping the photos taken.

As lovers of these creatures will know, there are different types, with his skills, like flight or force. By making friends with them, they can reward us with gifts, in the form of costumes.

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